Maintain. Grow. Improve.

Ongoing, proactive support that covers your digital ecosystem day-to-day, and helps you pave the way for growth and change.


Continuing maintenance, support, and growth for all your digital assets.

How do we do it?

From basic upkeep and performance/security updates to planned iterative improvements, to emergency fixes, we’re your one-stop shop.

Maintenance & Performance / Security Updates

Web tech is ever-evolving, and your digital assets are no exception. Whatever the technology, we've got you covered across hosting infrastructure, database, and code, with proactive core software updates, security and performance patches, plugin updates, SSL encryption renewal, and much more.

Planned & Emergency Support

Post-launch is just the beginning. We'll work with you to craft a plan that works best for your daily/monthly/annual needs—combining as-needed support with planned recurring work to keep your digital assets on track, including periodic reviews from the ground up to keep you on the cutting edge. And if an emergency happens, we'll be there too.

Iterative Updates & Expansion

As your business grows and changes, so will its tech needs, and we'll be right there with you. Whether it's expanding customer-facing web assets, migrating to new technologies, integrating internal business systems or adding new ones, Flavor EXP is your one-stop shop.

Check out some of our work

Publisher site migration, re-architecture, ongoing support + expansion

Migration of 4 unique Drupal applications into a single WordPress backend instance providing nuanced access management control, contextually-applied global taxonomies, and centralized content publishing for a spectrum of contributing authors, all to serve long-form content across three distinct sub-organization sites.

a person with an umbrella walking across a zebra crossing on a rainy day in a city setting. The black and white photo captures the rainy atmosphere, with buildings and vehicles in the background, including cars and what appears to be a bus. Street signs, such as “ONE WAY,” are also visible, contributing to the urban feel of the scene.


Publisher / Think Tank Collective




Digital Product Development / Ongoing Maintenance & Support


Drupal, WordPress, AWS (RDS, ECS, Build, CloudFront, S3), Elasticsearch, React, Piano, Cantaloupe Image Server (Java), PHP / Laravel, Lambda Functions

Let's discuss your maintenance and support needs.